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Mervin Singham ‘my covid-19 bubble’

We invite you to view a selection of artworks from Mervin Singham’s new book:

my covid-19 bubble NARRATIVES’

Exhibitions Gallery, 20A Brandon Street, Wellington CBD

enquiries:  ron@exhibitionsgallery.co.nz

Phone 04 499 6356

When the Covid-19 crisis became real for the world in March 2020, a close friend of mine shared her wisdom with me. She said while we might be devastated by the crisis, she likened the catastrophe to that of a volcanic eruption. She said, ‘volcanoes wreak havoc with their spectacular eruptions, but from the same fiery source come rich and incredibly fertile soils that set the world for rejuvenation and growth’. Her words were a great comfort.

Over the coming weeks, the crisis generated many thoughts and emotions that became the rich ‘soil’ for the spectrum of paintings I created in this book, often with my beloved dog, Bali in the studio with me.

Source: Forward to Mervin’s book ‘my covid-19 bubble’