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Justine Turnbull

Justine Turnbull  ‘Painhorse’

“For this series I was considering whether the materials of drawing and painting can convey emotion as directly as music can. A good playlist is integral to my practice, as it acts as a translator – an intermediary between the purity of emotion and the logic of expression.  It filters today’s experience, keeping me on track as I grapple with the manipulation of the medium.

How does each discipline navigate vulnerability? How to balance head and heart? How much can be left unsaid?”

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Vashti Johnstone

We are pleased to invite you to view the inaugural Wellington exhibition of:

Vashti Johnstone –  ‘Inanimate Lifetimes’

‘Inanimate Lifetimes’ by Vashti Johnstone

Words by Pip Goldsbury

Blueprints in time, Vashti Johnstone’s latest visual narrative explores the intergenerational furniture of the home, a three-dimensional history of inanimate objects dense with silent stories.

Lifetimes and lives have lived on the chairs, with the chairs, before the chairs, even within the chairs, each individual adding their stories and their history to the heirloom pieces.

Metaphorical confessionals, the chairs are relics of the past, laden with whispers, laughter, tears, moments in ordinary time – mostly forgotten, others summoned with ease.

enquiries: ron@exhibitionsgallery.co.nz


The Estate By Vashti Johnstone

Three dimensional hard copies of lineages past.

Grandfather clock

A Resounding keeper of time to the living.

Above the kauri scotch-chest a gold gilded mirror reflects another generation of contemporary faces.

Deep leather arm chairs, exude historical conversations, contemplations and imaginings.

Blueprints of past happenings, forever layered on Persian rugs.

The Estate

Three dimensional hard copies of lineages past.

Forever discreet.