Month: January 2022

Paul Vincent ‘In The Style of Mose’

Exhibition 27th Jan – 19th Feb 2022

I first listened to Mose Allison at the Wellington Public Library. I remember being seemingly transported into his mind.Ironic but without any nasty, lessons on how to live and be. But with no sense of “LOOK, (Look at Me) AT ME. Being washed, clean,  without  water, without “I have the Answers”. When I get lost , jaded or blue I turn to Mose.

Paul revels in the spontaneity and randomness of everyday life. “Painting for me,” he states, “is the cat’s tail flicking around the corner.”

Happiest in “the heat of battle, overcoming obstacles and challenges – battling on until all the forces that disrupt completion of a painting are overcome”, resulting in something beautiful,  but perhaps just as significantly, a byproduct of his experience.

Unencumbered, believing that ‘real art’, does not need a message, Paul creates by arranging lines, shapes, and patterns of words. Underpinning ‘the quirk’, Paul’s work comprises of what appears initially to be a restrained colour palette, but reveals on closer inspection, a myriad of tonal nuances.

More than just a purveyor of the absurd, Paul’s thoughtful use of colour, form and space creates balance and abstraction culminating in the sublime.

‘When art does not know its own name, when it does not have to be anything at all – it is free!’

Alistair McDonald ‘In The Style of Hiroshige’ (Sydney and Melbourne)

Exhibition 27th Jan – 19th Feb 2022


‘I got hooked on the ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) style through an exhibition of Ando Hiroshige’s fans at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London – bold flat expressive colours, clean line drawings and stories of another era and culture. I have tried to imagine how Hiroshige (1797-1858) and his contemporary Hokusai may have shown views of modern Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown, Wanaka, and Taranaki if they were alive today’. – Alistair McDonald

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