Month: May 2022

Alicja Gear Exhibition

“Permanent Green’

Alicja is a local artist who is responding to a sense of atmosphere and play of light across the landscape with her expressive oil paintings. Capturing those moments of delight at the way the light dances across the landscape. The combination of the large gestural marks and bold use of colour leads you on a journey into the landscape whilst still exploring the nature of the medium. Handling the paint, the selection and laying it on, a cumulation of single marks which coalesce into a whole.

Working on large mural like unstretched canvas allows for a freedom of mark making that would otherwise be hindered by allowing more pressure to be applied to the canvas. This allows for marks to be drawn as well as painted

Alicja often works within a series, starting with a reference point. She then works to capture the essence of the landscape and the feelings it engenders in her, particularly the way the light affects the environment. “Working within a series becomes a cohesive story for me as the artist on a journey and hopefully also for the viewer. It provides a framework to my focus attention.”

As one series is completed Alicja finds it leads on to the next series of paintings, taking her new learnings into the next body of work. This way Alicja sees her painting growing and developing all the time. “One series becomes a warm-up for the personal development going into the next works.”