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Carol Anne Smart

We are pleased to invite you to view Carol Anne Smart’s exhibition.

Exhibitions Gallery, 20A Brandon Street, Wellington CBD

Phone (04) 499 6356

I have a fascination with pattern, the illusion of movement and depth. Each work begins with an exploration of varying effects on a small scale and a basic idea before the pattern unfolds – developing a life of its own. Sometimes line is massed in small increments then repeated and in others the massed line is used to express a feeling of movement and unease. Effect and scale intensifies illusion.

Pencil markings purposefully remain and lines linger over edges in my art work distancing it from the feeling of digitally produces works.

I have intentionally not signed my works on the front as there is no definitive top. The hanging string can be moved allowing a change of orientation. Each work is signed and dated on the back.

enquiries: ron@exhibitionsgallery.co.nz



George Loizou

We are pleased to invite you to view George Loizou’s exhibition.

Opening Wednesday 2nd December 5 – 7pm

Exhibitions Gallery, 20A Brandon Street, Wellington CBD

Phone (04) 499 6356

“I am a ‘70’s’ baby, born and raised in Wellington, with a Greek Cypriot/Lebanese background, and like many New Zealanders’, have travelled extensively.

As soon as I was able to hold a pencil, I would draw, and at the age of four, I was drawing cars in 3D.  Since completing a Graphic Design course at Wellington Polytechnic/Victoria University, I have spent numerous years in the design industry but have recently come to a stage where I would prefer to create for myself.

Although all of my individual works share common aspects, I strive for each piece to express different feelings and often employ different techniques.  Through the process of building up layers and decisions around composition, the creative force stays within themes grounded in ideas of mortality and isolation. Primarily ‘moody’, each creation is dark, but also, in some way, optimistic!

Produced on specially imported polyester canvas material with a solvent-based ink, each piece takes two weeks to dry, due to the richness of the blacks”.

enquiries: ron@exhibitionsgallery.co.nz