‘Emergence’ by Marc Hill

The Materials

I formulate the paint from pure powder pigments, some of which are extremely rare and date back to the 1870’s. In Emergence, these pigments help create the experience of illusory shifting moods.

The canvas is repurposed from 1960s theatre backdrops. The fine herringbone weave and aged distemper paint form the initial undertone and patina which causes it to behave quite differently from its sterile modern equivalent.

The Process

Like watercolour painting the process is about the conversation. I make the first move, observe the pigment’s reaction, then respond, and so the work evolves. The steps become autotelic, extending from the subconscious and beyond technique.


I’m inspired by the ever-changing seas, half-tone mists, pre-dawn light and moody clouds that are embedded in my memory from a lifetime of sailing coupled with years of aerial photography surveying landscapes from contrasting perspectives.


I was brought up in the film industry and put to work in the art department during the 70’s at Shepperton Studios, London. Some 15 years ago, I was given these rare vintage powder pigments; a gift that set me on the road of fine art.

I would like to thank Sir Graham Sydney for confirming that I should indeed pursue my current track.

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