Adam Portraiture Award 2020 Winner – Sacha Lees

Congratulations to Sacha Lees for winning the 2020 Adam Art Portraiture Award for her portrait: “Sometimes an outline coloured in”, 2019, oil on board

“Ruthless in her self-scrutiny, this artist has introduced two elements which provide added interest to her photorealistic technique. The first is the concept of representing the act of painting oneself literally by showing the brush and hand in the image. The second is showing the process of developing the finished work in stages with the outline of the figure waiting to be filled in, which gives the work its title. This is an assured painting which is both compelling and rewards close study”.

Meredith Marsone – 2020 Adam Portraiture Award Finalists

Congratulations to Meredith Marsone on becoming a finalist in the 2020 Adam Portraiture Awards with her astonishing painting, ‘Gina and the Dragon’, oil on board. The The Adam Portraiture Award is a biennial competition for painted portraits at The New Zealand Portrait Gallery, generously sponsored by the Adam Foundation.

Meredith also has an exhibition opening at Exhibitions Gallery in Wellington on February 27th from 5 -7 pm.

Arts Festival Exhibition – UNREAL!

An exhibition of paintings by Ewan McDougall with Virtual Reality by Claire Hughes

Unreal! is a touring exhibition of twelve oil paintings by the Dunedin  neo-expressionist painter Ewan McDougall, with figures and motifs ‘brought to life’ by the Virtual Reality phenomenon created by  multi- media artist Claire Hughes.

The five city New Zealand tour opens on Friday 21 February, 2020, in Exhibitions Gallery in Wellington coinciding with the Opening of The NZ Festival of Arts.  Ewan and Claire are very excited to be working with Ron Epskamp and his team in this unique, boundary crossing, creative venture.

Christchurch-based Hughes has recently completed a PhD in digital art at Massey University and when she suggested a collaboration, McDougall was immediately enthusiastic.

McDougall has collaborated with poet and playwright Sarah McDougall, with Epskamp and NZ musicians Greg Johnson and Barry Saunders, with the African American Jazz Composer  Harold Anderson and with Bluesman Darren Watson, but he has never before collaborated with a Virtual Reality expert.

Hughes’ most recent exhibition, Entangled (2018), at Toi Pōneke Art Gallery in Wellington, was a solo exhibition with sound collaboration. This work featured an original 8 minute virtual reality experience which linked the virtual with the physical gallery space. Her 3D modelled animation, Matter matters (2017), was projected onto the water screen in Wellington Harbour for the Lux Festival with an estimated 100,000 -150,000 viewers.

Hughes has also elicited the sound expert, Isaac Lundy, who is doing a degree in music at Massey and who has worked with Claire on her previous projects. She describes her work with McDougall as “more than a 3-D reproduction of an artwork, it will use McDougall’s characters to create a new interactive experience.”  Viewers will see the paintings and don a VR Headset and become immersed in the vibrant world of the figures as they cavort in virtual space.

Ewan McDougall’s vibrant and primitive figures, animals and hybrid creatures have been part of his exhibition history for thirty years in Aotearoa/New Zealand  galleries, including five Public Art Gallery Exhibitions, and in exhibitions in London, Valencia, Cremona, Sydney, NYC and Shanghai, but he is particularly excited about this innovative venture with Hughes, where psychedelic cave figures will leap into life with cutting-edge technology.

The Unreal! tour commences in Exhibitions Gallery Wellington on Friday 21 February until 15 March.

The opening reception is from 5-7 pm Friday 21st February.


JK Reed Auckland Retrospective

We are pleased to announce a retrospective of 58 Years of the art of JK Reed DFA.

A retrospective is a major event for an artist, a chance for the artist to reflect on a lifetime of work to contemplate and reassess then share their story for all to view. In fact most artists never have the opportunity.A few decades ago this was an honour typically accorded to a deceased Old Master.

Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art is proud to be part of this major event and would like to thank Keith for providing all the wonderful material and salute him for having hidden gems from his early childhood through to his current work. We also appreciate the release of early work from his private collection which is normally unavailable to purchase. – Ron Epskamp (Exhibitions Gallery)

Opening: Tuesday January 14th 2020 6.00 – 8.00 pm
Venue: Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art
19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland
Ph (09) 523 5560 or Ngaire on 021 415 449

John (Keith) Reed. Born (1944) in England, he arrived in Dunedin in 1954 and studied at the University of Canterbury from 1963 – 1968. Considered one of New Zealand’s leading landscape watercolorists and achieving phenomenal success in this difficult medium. Keith also paints in oil. Although his style over the years has been predominantly expressionist in viewing his art school years you can see the strong influence of abstraction and cubism. An influence that since retiring from teaching has returned with considerable success.

A 16 page booklet detailing Keith’s journey will be available at the exhibition.

Parkin Drawing Prize 2019

Congratulations to one of the galleries new artist’s, Carol Anne Smart. Carol has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Parkin Drawing Prize.  The competition attracted an impressive 472 entries, of which 79 have been selected for the short list. The Parkin Drawing Prize is New Zealand’s premier award for drawing. It promotes drawing in all its forms – as discovery, a testing of ideas, and decision making.

Ben Ho and Mary Mai return to Auckland

It has been nearly two decades since Ben Ho and Mary Mai have exhibited in Auckland and we are pleased to announce their upcoming exhibition ‘Finding A Juncture’ opens Tuesday 2nd July 6-8 pm at Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art in Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland. The body of work is stunning as they successfully fashion a juncture between traditional painting and abstraction in their work.

Three major Peter Hackett paintings to adorn the new Rydges Hotel at Wellington Airport

At the close of last year Peter completed three major artworks that are waiting to be hung at the soon to open Rydges Hotel at Wellington Airport. It is a rare opportunity for an artist to paint on a non-domestic scale and Peter has always relished the idea of painting bigger, so the commission for the three works at 3.3 x 1.8 metres each was just to his predilection. Having followed his progress, I am excited about viewing the paintings in-situ.

Kate Beatty – Auckland Exhibition Success

Congratulations to artist Kate Beatty. With only a few paintings available, her first Auckland exhibition appears to be heading for a sell-out. Kate’s current series of works explore the hierarchy of image and object through a process that draws on seriality and originality. Repeated botanical studies form the background , as a native bird is depicted in the corner or centre of the artwork. This patterning effect works to devalue the botanical image; it becomes design, wallpaper-esque, whereas the depicted native birds stand by themselves. A ‘colourwash’ is applied over the surface, simultaneously pulling some of the botanical images into the mid and foreground. In doing this, the background almost acquires the status of subject as the native birds fall between the fore and mid-ground. The combined result is uncanny; nothing seems to be quite what it should. I would encourage you to visit the gallery and see why the response has been so overwhelming, if you are not quick enough to secure one of the remaining works, enquire at the gallery we may even be able to organise a  commission.

Ngaire Stone, Ron Epskamp from Exhibitions Gallery with artist Kate Beatty, at the opening of her new exhibition. Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

2018-2019 catalogue launch and artists dinner

Last Friday, 27th July, we had a wonderful opening reception for our 2018-2019 catalogue launch, followed by a dinner on Saturday for the participating artists and there partners. I think everyone agreed it was a major success. Thank you to all who participated and helped with the catalogue, the opening reception and the dinner. If you wish to grab a free catalogue just stop by the Wellington or Auckland Galleries.

Shane Hansen Artist Talk

Shane Hansen, the host of the successful new local series Design Junkies on TVNZ , will give an artist talk at Exhibitions Gallery, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland on Saturday 26th May at 2.30pm.   You can also take the opportunity to view Shane’s work currently on show.

The Bushman’s Son preview at Rotorua

Prior to exhibiting in our Wellington Gallery Terry Fergusson, also known as the Bushman’s Son, is previewing a selection of work from his upcoming exhibition ‘be…’.

Terry’s current work is an evolution from his first sell out show ‘RAW’ in 2016.

“In this body of work, I wanted to look deeper into different personalities and individuals and what creates emotional responses”

The exhibition can be seen at the Rotorua Lakes Council Galleria before opening on the 23rd August at Exhibitions Gallery, 20 Brandon Street, Wellington.

Artist Terry Fergusson, also known as The Bushman’s Son.

Mrkusich Triptych Sets Record

Congratulations to Milan Mrkusich, whose painting Triptych: Homage to Rodchenko, 1966  recently sold at auction for $200,000 setting a new record for one of his works. The sale raised much needed funds for Aratoi in Masterton.

Milan, a pioneer of abstract painting in New Zealand is one of our most important living artists.

News Article


Shane Hansen to host new local series Design Junkies, on TVNZ1

Congratulations to upcoming exhibitor Shane Hansen!  Shane is hosting the new local series ‘Design Junkies’ starting in May on TVNZ1.

You can meet Shane at the opening of his upcoming exhibition in our Auckland Gallery.
The opening is on Thursday the 8th May, from 6-8pm
Exhibitions Gallery, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.
Phone (09) 523 5560 or Ngaire 021 415 449.

Tainui – Ngati Hine, Ngati Mahunga

Shane is of Maori, Chinese, Danish and Scottish descent, which is reflected in his art as he navigates his way on a journey of cultural discovery and self-acceptance. He describes his work as his therapy, kai for the mind and soul.

Starting his career as a self-taught fashion designer, he set up his own label at the age of 19, then went on to work for labels such as Canterbury International and Town & Country Surf Designs. His flair for fashion is evident in his work, through beautiful flowing lines and the use of tactile textures.

‘I want people to engage with my work in more than one way. I want them to touch it and smell it, as well as view it. By doing this they feel more connected to the piece and feel a sense of familiarity with it.’

Shane works in many mediums such as wood, glass and metal, which he sees as a reflection of his multi-cultural make-up. He mainly paints on plywood as the grains, knots and blemishes have a history, tell a story and bring a special depth to his work.

‘The detail of my mahi, is in it’s simplicity. Keeping details to a minimum to achieve an image of high impact, depth and meaning, is a challenge, but I feel the work is stronger because of it. The term less is more, is definitely the case with my work and it doesn’t mean it is less meaningful.’

‘An artist is what I am. It’s taken me a few years to get here, but now I have arrived. My journey has just begun and I want others to come with me. I love doing what I do, I love being who I am!’

Ewan McDougall Retrospective confirmed

Ewan McDougall                Eyes in th’ Back of his Head : 30 years painting             Opening June 28th         Exhibitions Gallery, 20 Brandon Street, Wellington


Artist Statement: I began painting fulltime in 1989 with fresh eyes focused on the paper and the paint.

Now after thirty years of often obsessive, flat-tack work, 88 solo exhibitions and substantial international experience as an exhibiting artist, I have a large body of paintings and it is time for retrospection, as a ‘man with eyes in the back of his head’.

I was not long back from my solo show at the Brighton Arts festival UK last year when Ron Epskamp of Exhibition Galleries in Wellington offered me the entire gallery space for hosting what will be a large and vibrant exhibition. It will showcase paintings from early restrained surrealist works on paper painted in the late 1980s, to 2 x 3 metre impasto diptychs, crammed with vivid, frenzied primitive figures.

I am excited about this, my strongest show yet, and I want the viewer to witness the transmogrification of an artist as who is led by intuition and impulse, rather than by careful crafting of restrained work for a cautious art buyer.

From a quiet ‘opening’, over decades of dedication, has emerged ‘open slather’ painting!

The compulsion to ecstacy through raw creation is the same as I look forward to decades more painting but now my ‘eyes in the back of the head’ are peering out over the landscape of calm serenity, and then rugged wild impasto and colour.

I cant wait.

Ewan McDougall