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The Secret Keeper

We are pleased to invite you and your guests to ‘The Secret Keeper’

Catherine Daniels’ story of childhood trauma

Exhibition opening Thursday 21st October 5-7 pm

Exhibitions Gallery, 20 Brandon Street, Wellington

rsvp: ron@exhibitionsgallery.co.nz

or phone 021 062 2072

Exhibition on until 20th November


This exhibition is about my childhood trauma and sexual abuse. It wasn’t until I was nearly 50 that I realised my secrets had made me sick. As I started to un fold the layers of history through words, many of them in metaphorical form, I joined a writers’ group which supported me in my journey through the complexities of understanding my own mental health issues.

One day I couldn’t write so I decided to make a sculpture to portray what I couldn’t say in words. That day, ‘The Secret Keeper’ was born. Over the last five years I have created 49 sculptures to portray the emotions I could never verbalise out loud. I have also written and published a book of metaphors called “The Secret Keeper” which will be for sale at the exhibition.

I commissioned multi award winning photographer Esther Bunning to portray the visual imagery within the book so the reader feels and senses the disassociation often attached with childhood trauma. We have produced a range of large canvases and metal prints that are available as artworks for sale which has brought another important facet to this project. I have a storytelling video by Terry Wreford Hann showing the sculptures and incorporating words from the book and some footage of me creating the sculptures. This gives the viewer an inside look at how the sculptures have been created.

The never-ending cycle needs to be broken