The Secret Keeper Exhibition 21 October – 20 November

We are excited to be working with Catherine Daniels to shine a light on her exhibition The Secret Keeper, that we know will have an important impact on community understanding of the issues of childhood trauma and sexual abuse throughout New Zealand. The exhibition has already been shown in Palmerston North and Whanganui, and has provoked powerful responses in viewers from those communities.
A number of clinical psychologists have commented on how valuable the exhibition was both for their clients and for themselves in gaining a deeper understanding of the lived experience of complex trauma.
On the 21st of October the exhibition is opening in Wellington at the Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art in Brandon Street and we urge you to go along and see it in person.
These sculptures enabled Catherine to portray her emotions and trauma in something tangible that others can see and start to understand.
Originally the exhibition contained 49 sculptures, but they keep growing. Catherine has created 7 new sculptures for Wellington that haven’t been exhibited before. There will also be some sculptures for sale at the Wellington exhibition.
Award-winning photographer Esther Bunning has also made a new range of prints featuring Catherine’s sculptures for Wellington and for the first time a limited edition range. Esther’s work is organic and emotive, and adds another level of humanity to the work. She helps people view the world a little differently than what they’re used to, with her creative use of in-camera techniques and a love of unconventional storytelling. Using her visual voice to make a difference, or bring awareness for those who can’t speak for themselves is something she is passionate about. There is also a video that plays at every exhibition made by Terry Hann that shows some beautiful images of the girls in the studio and being made.

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