Artists in Lockdown – Ron Hall

Nga mihi nui to fellow artists and art lovers.
I have been in my workshop shed in Te Aroha surrounded by machines, dust extractors and the wonderful smell on honey, since Level Three began. The safety issues, involved with level Four, prohibited any earlier entry back to work. I did walk over to the workshop each day, during Level Four, and carried out a programme of cleanup and maintenance. Such a good feeling to see everything in order, all ready to go.
I’ve never had such a good time financially as I completed two commissions and back payments started to roll in. I can never count on this happening, I never know when or where it comes from and like my beehive palette my income seems to be a little haphazard. I can never plan on this income, or raise my expectations. Sometimes the skinny man sings!
Lockdown bestowed an unexpected gift to me in the form of music. I found out one of immediate neighbours sings really well and plays a guitar,also another neighbour plays drum seriously, so we formed a band ,keeping our distance of course. We are looking for a name, that suggests old people, lockdown and revival.
Musicians, artists need to keep working on their passions then something wonderful will happen.
My advice, do the Mahi.

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