Artists in Lockdown – Alistair McDonald

Greetings from Bottle Creek, Paremata. I’ve been putting (very old) cartoons and sculptures out in my driveway here during lock-down (with cones) – mainly to amuse the local kids but they now have a wider following, an excuse for people to wander down it seems.

I’ve just finished a 3rd small ukiyo-e (Hiroshige-style) acrylic painting of Melbourne, this one of Princes Bridge, near Flinders Street Station. I was a bus/tram conductor there in 1978, often on a run which crossed Princes Bridge several times per shift. What goes round etc (like a bus!).

Also, the studio cartoon sort-out has provoked editing of a few other works, sometimes successful, sometimes not. Next week I’ll start on a new NZ landscape in oils.

Not easy for many among us, including parents of little ones and essential workers. Perhaps it’s easier for us introverts. I’m also feeling very lucky just now to be living near the bottom end of a funny little island at the very far edge of the universe.

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