Artists In Lockdown – Alicja Gear

It’s been a struggle to get into the studio with hubby working full time and 3 kids at home..but today I have the whole day!

One of the biggest challenges this lockdown has presented me is not actually having the headspace to think through ideas so when I am in the studio I’m not ready to pick up a brush. There seems to be a lot of pressure socially as an artist to be creating, I guess a bit like the need to come out of this period with rock hard abs and a new language under your belt.  I’m resisting, today I’m using the time to nourish my soul. I’m easing off the pressure to start my next series of work. Instead I’m playing with little paintings, finding pleasure in mixing colour and the feel of the brush moving through the paint. I’m enjoying hiding from the kids and not being the person everyone needs something from immediately.

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