Artists in Lockdown – Kate Beatty

During this ‘lock down’ period my mantra has been ‘focus on what you can do , not what you cant do’.
Its been a huge adjustment as a international collective , temporarily isolating ourselves. I have found it difficult in the sense that I cant have as much studio time as what I am used to due to childcare services being closed.
In amongst the chaos of our household I have had to manage my time so I can still paint and work away with a new body of work to keep my sanity from disappearing.
This isolation period has been a good time to slow down. To not be involved in the daily grind. It has given me time to investigate different avenues within my body of work. I am currently working on capturing the delicacy of human relationships with NZ birds. Creating staged poses that would not normally be seen in everyday life.

I hope everyone is finding time to recharge and doing something that you really enjoy in ‘lockdown’.

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