Artists in Lockdown – Sally Barron

Hi there
Here are is an image of me in the studio,
It’s a bit bare compared with the usual way it looked with drawings and ideas on the walls, books all over the place but I was packing up before our big move to Auckland for the next couple of years, departing Good Friday- when the lockdown happened and has kept us all in place. I will be working from home for now which is a new but exciting challenge as I will be drawing mainly and trying out ideas I have always meant to do. Life drawing is central to my practice and I attend a couple of different classes a week if I can, so with that gone I will be drawing anything and everything that catches my eye from inside the house to interior exterior scenes… I’m looking forward to seeing what may inspire future paintings. I also have a captive subject with my husband working from home in the kitchen!
I’m staying connected with other artists on Instagram and even though my show @ exhibitions gallery Auckland on the 5 th May has had to be postponed I had completed the paintings. Hopefully the show will go ahead from Wednesday 3rd of June.
Good luck to everyone out there stay safe and happy art making if you can:)

Sally Barron

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