Artists in Lockdown – Rachael Errington

Artist life; the process.
7am; the alarm goes off.
A few minutes later I enjoy a cup of coffee, watching the sun pop up over the hedge, with the dog staring at me through the patio doors with baleful Labrador ‘’feed me’’ eyes.
Each morning is the same. A few minutes of yoga to stretch out my lower back and then a walk.
This is all part of my process. A ritualistic preparation, for which the most part is going to be a long day of painting. For me, the lockdown is easier in this respect than it is for many. Leaving the house is generally considered a ‘treat’, especially when I’m creating a set of works for a show. Ron and Sharon have heard me say ‘’I’m so excited” many times when I’m about to have an exhibition opening. Apart from the buzz of having a show, this is also because I get to leave the studio and venture into the REAL WORLD!
When I talk about what I do, many people assume that I just sit down and start to paint, but the reality is there are hours of preparation before that can happen. The prep starts off in my head, annoyingly normally around 3am for a couple of hours. It gets translated into a sketch, and some blobs of colour, and then left alone for a day or two. When I pick my sketch back up, I start to see what size and shape I would like the painting to take, and I begin by pulling out different sized blank canvases from my stash.
My paintings always start off with a dark colour as the background. I often use a blue black, a midnightish colour. I paint the entire canvas with this and then I leave it alone again for a few days and stare at it.
The next process is the most important part for me. I add the light. I don’t draw on trees or mark where they’re going to sit on the canvas. I take a wide battered brush and scrub in a warm peachy yellow light that allows me to see the rest of the painting in my head. From this point, I can visualise how I want the painting to go in my mind.
Around twenty-five to fifty layers later, a painting pops out.
Where does it all come from? The honest answer is everywhere. I see a colour or a shape I like whilst I’m out walking and it gets imprinted in my minds eye. I also take a lot of photos and use them for reference.
There is an aspect of ‘’me’’ in the paintings. The light represents hope, and joy, and constantly moving towards positive affirmation.
It keeps me positive, happy and challenged.
Every day, something new is discovered. Every day, a unique piece of art is being created.

The painting featured on the pics I sent is 2100 x 1600 $19,500 if anyone wants first dibs.

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