Artists in Lockdown – Mervin Singham

Hope you’re doing well as we head into week three of the lockdown. It’s great that NZ is doing so well and hopefully things go back to something like our previous lives sooner rather than later. I went to the supermarket in Newtown first thing this morning to discover a long queue snaking around the block! Shock horror – many shelves were empty. Anyway, hopefully this doesn’t last for too long. Lots of red wine being consumed at home but that’s another story….!

I’ve been painting furiously because the Covid situation provides inspiration for expression. Here’s a pic of me in my ‘studio’ (improvised dining room!). That’s my latest painting entitled ‘Transition Angel’. The story is poignant – a dark angel comes to escort a soul to transition. The person in the middle places his arm over his expired loved one because he isn’t ready to let go. I wanted to express the grief that many people are facing as they lose their loved ones to the virus. That’s my tribute to them.

I’ve been producing quite a few new works which is providing an avenue for my own disturbed feelings about the humbling impact of the virus on our lives.

Please stay in touch and keep safe!

Warm regards

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