Artists in Lockdown – Jane Blackmore

We are very much looking forward to celebrating Jane Blackmore’s Auckland exhibition. When the lock-down ceases to be, we will be able to bask in Jane’s thoughtful reflections and receive upliftment from her spiritual connection with the land.

“For over 20 years I have found passion for my artwork in nature. The paintings, whether they are the flowers, abstractions or landscapes are predominantly about stopping and just being in the moment. I have a love for oil paint and the way it moves and glows, it is a constant fascination to me. It is this quality that pushes me to further explore colour, form and movement in all my art.
I want to capture a timeless quality in my work, something that becomes a meaningful part of your life. You will observe and engage differently every time you view it. Inhaling the beauty of something that has been created.” – Jane Blackmore

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