Artists in Lockdown – Anneke Bester

I am in Dubai at present. We are working from home and under curfew at night. Malls are shut but we can still buy things online. We fortunately have exercise equipment in the basement to keep us entertained. It is indeed strange times. My foundry man in Portugal works by himself and has been able to keep working despite the state of emergency there.

Since we all seem to have some time on our hands, I thought I would share the Storie behind the new series. I started to make a 4th piece, a traveling salesman, still wondering if he should have a face mask or not. The new series is called

“Be your own man”

Be your own man is series of work focusing on the marginalized men of the 2020s. Women got liberated with equal opportunities in education and work satisfaction, but we have boxed men into categories with unacceptable expectations. In the world where women do not have to be kitchen-dwellers staying at home raising kids any more, we still expect of father to be the providers even if the mother is not his partner anymore. We expect of men to ignore their own desires and personalities to become the role the previous century assigned to them. We have a sense of what a man should dress like and how he should behave even if he is extraordinarily creative and different. The oppressed cannot liberate themselves, it is the oppressor that needs to lift the restrictions. When we box men into unacceptable expectations, we are the people who should set them free. We should be the ones allowing men to be the roles that define them. Let them build their role in society around their personalities like women have been able to do in the last half century.

Big boy: Justin

Justin is from a small town where everybody knows one another. He loves to wear a jacket and hat even if nobody understands why.

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