Kate Beatty – Auckland Exhibition Success

Congratulations to artist Kate Beatty. With only a few paintings available, her first Auckland exhibition appears to be heading for a sell-out. Kate’s current series of works explore the hierarchy of image and object through a process that draws on seriality and originality. Repeated botanical studies form the background , as a native bird is depicted in the corner or centre of the artwork. This patterning effect works to devalue the botanical image; it becomes design, wallpaper-esque, whereas the depicted native birds stand by themselves. A ‘colourwash’ is applied over the surface, simultaneously pulling some of the botanical images into the mid and foreground. In doing this, the background almost acquires the status of subject as the native birds fall between the fore and mid-ground. The combined result is uncanny; nothing seems to be quite what it should. I would encourage you to visit the gallery and see why the response has been so overwhelming, if you are not quick enough to secure one of the remaining works, enquire at the gallery we may even be able to organise a  commission.

Ngaire Stone, Ron Epskamp from Exhibitions Gallery with artist Kate Beatty, at the opening of her new exhibition. Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art, 19A Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland.

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