Month: February 2018

Ewan McDougall Retrospective confirmed

Ewan McDougall                Eyes in th’ Back of his Head : 30 years painting             Opening June 28th         Exhibitions Gallery, 20 Brandon Street, Wellington


Artist Statement: I began painting fulltime in 1989 with fresh eyes focused on the paper and the paint.

Now after thirty years of often obsessive, flat-tack work, 88 solo exhibitions and substantial international experience as an exhibiting artist, I have a large body of paintings and it is time for retrospection, as a ‘man with eyes in the back of his head’.

I was not long back from my solo show at the Brighton Arts festival UK last year when Ron Epskamp of Exhibition Galleries in Wellington offered me the entire gallery space for hosting what will be a large and vibrant exhibition. It will showcase paintings from early restrained surrealist works on paper painted in the late 1980s, to 2 x 3 metre impasto diptychs, crammed with vivid, frenzied primitive figures.

I am excited about this, my strongest show yet, and I want the viewer to witness the transmogrification of an artist as who is led by intuition and impulse, rather than by careful crafting of restrained work for a cautious art buyer.

From a quiet ‘opening’, over decades of dedication, has emerged ‘open slather’ painting!

The compulsion to ecstacy through raw creation is the same as I look forward to decades more painting but now my ‘eyes in the back of the head’ are peering out over the landscape of calm serenity, and then rugged wild impasto and colour.

I cant wait.

Ewan McDougall